The development of digital technologies and the fundamental changes in world society have led to a surge in genre experiments and the search for a new language in art. The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation sees its main objective as the shaping of new forms of cultural life which would reflect the needs of society and create a new cultural space in the regions. The Foundation views “modernity” over a broad range – from ultra-experimental practices to authentic genres and reinterpretation of the classics. The Foundation’s task is to create favourable conditions for the development of modern art in the Russian regions in order to build horizontal links in the sphere of art.

The Foundation’s projects in the field of art are intended to raise the level of creative activity of people who are involved in them in one way or another. The Foundation endeavours to be a distinctive catalyst which makes life more colourful and in so doing accelerates the process of positive transformations in society.

Theatre is the main kind of performing arts. Dramatic art has specific features that make its unique products which have no analogues in the other genres and species of art. First of all, its a synthetic nature of the theater. Theatre production can easily include almost all other arts (literature, music, visual arts), and also use many accomplishments of the most diverse areas of science and technology.

The main aim of the project is to stimulate activities which are aimed at support, rehabilitation and social integration of socially unprotected groups of people – by the provision of cultural, educational and sporting resources.