Executive Directorate

Executive Directorate

The Executive Directorate directly coordinates all of the work of the Fund, managing the budget, monitoring the effectiveness of projects and preparing financial and substantive reports on the Fund’s activities.

Where grant competitions are concerned, the Directorate:

  • provides information on the conditions for participation in and the results of the competition;
  • organizes the application process;
  • provides funding for the winners as selected by the Expert Council;
  • conducts substantive and financial consultation throughout the realization of the projects;
  • collects and analyzes reports on the realization of the projects;
  • compiles recommendations for the Expert Council on the future management of grant competitions.

In the realization of projects supported by the Fund itself further to the competition, the Directorate performs accounting duties, controls the budget expenditure, and also monitors that projects are implemented in line with their original aims.

In the realization of the Fund’s operational projects, the Directorate coordinates the completion of all components of the projects, manages the budget and prepares financial and substantive reports on the realization of the projects.