School of Cultural Journalism

Year 2010
Period С 2006 года

Project description

The curator of the program is the PRO ARTE Foundation (St Petersburg)

The programme is aimed at journalists starting out in their careers – between 20 and 30 years of age, from the Siberian, Urals and Far-Eastern Federal Areas of Russia, who work in printed media or report on television and radio about contemporary arts and cultural events.

The idea behind the program is to promote cultural journalism in Russia, improve the professional level of journalists, and expand professional contacts.

Professional disciplines within the program:

  • art critic (in the visual arts)
  • literary critic
  • film critic
  • theatre critic
  • music critic
  • ballet and contemporary dance critic

The program is designed to include a combination of full-time and part-time work with theoretical and practical studies - lectures and seminars, master-classes, individual consultancies, meetings for broadening knowledge, working with curators in an on-line format, and independent activities. The program offers activities covering a wide range of different areas:

  • general topics and tendencies in cultural development in the C20th (music, the visual arts, theatre, dance, film, and literature)
  • technology and journalism (radio and printed media)
  • the craft of journalism
  • information sources, the media, and the Internet
  • independent work (reviews)
  • practical sessions (showings and visits to cultural events)

The teachers and curators of the program are cultural commentators and art critics from St Petersburg and Moscow, along with leading journalists from the following publications and radio-stations:

  • Komersant newspaper, Moscow
  • Vedomosti newspaper, Moscow & St Petersburg
  • Afisha magazine, Moscow
  • City-812 magazine, St Petersburg
  • Seance magazine, St Petersburg
  • Pro & Contra magazine, Moscow
  • Kvartirny Otvet ('The Apartment Answer') magazine, Moscow
  •,,, on-line publications
  • Echo Moskvy, Kultura (Moscow) radio stations