NOS Literary Prize

Year 2011

Project description

The NOS Annual Literature Prize was founded by the Mikhail Prokhorov Charitable Foundation to discover and support new trends incontemporary Russianfiction.

The Prize is a new priority project for the Foundation, being a component of its large-scale educational programme under the title the World of Books. This programme block includes the organisation and support of the annual Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair (KRYAKK), a library grant competition, stocking libraries with high quality literature, the international Transcript programme, whichsupports the translation of Russian literature onhumanities and fiction.

• Concept and aims and objectives of the Prize

Organisational structure of the Prize

NOS Literature Prize jury

General rules and conditions for participation

Calendar for the Prize


Thewinners of Literary Prize NOS / NEW PROSE:

2009 - Lena Eltang Stone Maples

2010 - Vladimir Sorokin The Blizzard

2011 - Igor VeshnivetskiyLeningrad: A Novel

2012 - Lev Rubinstein Signs of Attention

2013 - ndrey Ivanov KharbinMoths

2014 - Alexey Tsvetkov-junior The King of the Drowned

2015 - Danila Zaitsev The Story and Life of Danila Terentievich Zaitsev

2016 - Boris Lego Twilight Stories

2017 - Vladimir Sorokin Manaraga

2018 - Maria Stepanova Memory: In Memoriam

2019 - Alexander Stessin The New York Rounds