NOS Literary Prize

General rules for the Prize and the conditions for participation

1. The NOS Literature Prize is an annual event. Announcement of the start of activity for the Prize and conditions for making a nomination for the Prize are published annually in paper and electronic media, and also on the site of the Mikhail Prokhorov Fund (,

2. Prose texts written and published in Russian as a book and/or in a journal or newspaper, and also in the electronic media, are accepted as entries for the Prize.

3. Book publishers, the mass media, associations of creative professions and literary agencies are entitled to advance nominations for the Prize.

4. There are no territorial restrictions for nominators or nominated authors.

5. Only the first editions of works published from 1 June 2011 to 31 July 2012 may be nominated for the Prize.

6. Works for consideration include diverse literary genres over a very broad range, from traditional novels to radical and experimental prose, including the following:
- single, completed works;
- collections of stories, essays, tales and novellas, different kinds of miscellanies of fragmentary, including “super-condensed,” prose;
- dilogies, trilogies, etc, provided that they share a unity of the author’s vision;
- cross-genre works at the juncture of fiction and non-fiction, etc.

7. If a collection of stories, essays, tales and similar short prose works is submitted for the Prize, and it includes already published works with unpublished ones, then the amount of unpublished works shall be at least 50% of the collection.

8. The publication date for a dilogy or a trilogy, etc, shall be taken as the date when the final volume is published.

9. Each nominator is entitled to propose no more than three works.

10. The minimum volume of text is to be at least 3 authors pages (1 authors page = 40 000 keystrokes including spaces). There is no maximum volume of text.

11. When nominating works for the Prize the following must be submitted:

a) an original completed application form containing all the required information about the nominator and the nominated work, certified by the signature of the responsible person and the nominators seal (download the Application Form for the NOS Literary Prize).
b) 1 (one) copy of the work in the form of a book and/or journal or newspaper + an electronic version (in Word or PDF) which is identical to the book, journal or newspaper version.
c) electronic version ( in Word or PDF) if the text was published only on the Web, + a printout (one copy).

12. All works nominated for the Prize will be registered by the Organising Committee and be given a registration number.

13. Deadlines for submission of works for the Prize (see the Calendar for the Prize 2012)

14. No work may be nominated for the Prize more than once.

15. Copies of works submitted shall not be returned.

16. Unpublished manuscripts will not be considered.

17. The originals of the completed application forms and the paper versions of the works are to be sent to the NOS Prize Organising Committee at: NOS Literature Prize (The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation) 123104, Moscow, Tverskoi Bulvar 13, bldg. 1.

18. Electronic versions of works may be sent in on CD/DVD together with the application and the hard copy of the work, or sent to the following e-mail address: Irina Paliy Regina Zlotina

19. The NOS Literature Prize also allows the audience to vote for their favourate book out of those nominated on the shortlist.In addition to the jurys choice, readers can themselvesvote for the most popularliterary workby voting on the Prize website. All participants who made the longlist can be voted for.

The voting period runs from 01.10.2012-21.01.2013